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Episode 36

Published on:

8th Jun 2021

DAVIS: Being Left of Center, Writing Hooks, and Staying Fulfilled

Today's guest is songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist, DAVIS. DAVIS combines classic songwriting sensibility with uncategorizable and unabashedly unique musical choices. His music has been placed on various TV shows for networks such as CBS and MTV, featured in video games, used in advertising, racked up millions of streams worldwide. We have a great chat about the Hollywood grind, passing on opportunities, and staying true to your artistic vision.

In this episode, we'll dig in on...

  • Finding your musical niche
  • Creating a visual identity for your music
  • Organic YouTube fan growth
  • Consistently releasing music
  • Carefully choosing who you want to work with
  • Playing Stevie Wonder's birthday
  • Publishing deals from the independent artist perspective
  • How limitation can inform artistry
  • Never signing the first deal

Learn More About DAVIS...

Instagram: www.instagram.com/unofficialdavis

Watch on YouTube Here

Listen on Spotify Here

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