Corey Britz: Living Anti-Luck, the Art of Restraint, and Touring the World - Progressions: Success in the Music Industry

Episode 10

Published on:

9th Dec 2020

Corey Britz: Living Anti-Luck, the Art of Restraint, and Touring the World

Our guest this week is bass player, producer, songwriter, and artist Corey Britz. In addition to being the bass player for the band Bush, Corey also fronts his own project as well as produces and writes for numerous alternative and rock bands. He’s a close friend and collaborator of mine and this episode is an all round good hang with plenty of great advice mixed in. We cover his early career, breaking into the Los Angeles musician scene, discovering himself as an artist, and his vendetta with the word “luck”.

In this episode, we'll dig in on...

  • Music and the art of restraint
  • Touring the world with Bush and The Calling
  • Importance of being a problem solver
  • Don't belittle your victories by calling them luck
  • Five years as a college freshmen
  • Manifestation
  • Lying to yourself

Travis' Intro: Input vs Output Goals

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Guest: Corey Britz

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